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About Sumo Dan

SumoDan Sumo Dan is Dan Kalbfleisch, US Sumo Champion, US Sumo Grand Champion, and International Sumo Champion. He was inspired to try sumo after watching a documentary featuring professional and amateur American sumo wrestlers. Within two years of competition, Dan was US Champion. He continues to dominate the sport, winning sumo titles across the country and the world.

In addition to competing, Sumo Dan shares his love of the sport by holding sumo demonstrations, instructing students, producing tournaments, and educating children about health & fitness and following their dreams. Dan is available for sumo training, hosting and seminars, and TV, film, print, and public appearances.

Sumo Dan's Titles

Sumo Dan has over 75 gold medals from across the US and the world, including:

12-Time US Sumo Champion 5-Time US Sumo Grand Champion
7-Time California Sumo Champion 7-Time Olympia Sumo Open Champion
6-Time Hollywood Sumo Open Champion 6-Time Muscle Beach Sumo Classic Champion
Milano Sumo Open Champion Buenos Aires Sumo Open Champion

About Sumo

The sport of sumo originated in Japan nearly 2,000 years ago. Although similar to belt-wrestling styles found in other ancient civilizations, sumo began as a form of ritual to the gods, with prayers for an abundant harvest. Throughout the centuries, sumo has evolved from Shinto ceremonies, to warrior combat training, to an entertaining sport for all social classes. Modern sumo exhibits much of this history through its disciplined training, pre-bout rituals, and mutual respect between athletes.

The objective of sumo is to force your opponent out of the 15-foot ring, or onto the ground. You can push, thrust, trip, or flip your opponent, but punching and kicking are prohibited. A common strategy for controlling your opponent is to grab the mawashi (belt). The simplicity of the rules, combined with the variety of winning techniques, makes sumo an exciting spectator sport.

In addition to being Japan's national sport, sumo is growing in popularity around the world. International sumo has an increasing number of diverse champions, that appeals to the global sumo fans. The ancient ideals of respect, honor, and self-improvement make sumo a popular sport among athletes of all cultures.

Sumo Dan Defeated

In 2010 Sumo Dan suffered a crushing defeat by the hands of his 4 year old neice. Sumo is a great sport for everyone, at any size.